How To Legalise and Verify Documents for University Admission in Austria

If you want to study in Austria, this is one of the important steps is to Legalise and Verify Documents for University Admission in Austria.

Verification and legalization of the educational documents is a mandatory requirement of the Austrian universities for international student.

Here is the complete process for verification and legalization of your documents for university admission in Austria.

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There are two main steps involved in legalization of the documents for admission in Austria:

1. Verification

2. Legalization

This article will cover the verification process first:

Process for Verification of the Documents:

1. Appointment to Legalise and Verify Documents for University Admission in Austria.

Applications for the verification of foreign certificates and documents by Austrian embassy will only be accepted with a prior appointment.

The appointment is scheduled mostly either directly through Austrian embassy or the third party visa appointment service, VFS global.

The embassy will notify the applicant by e-mail about the relevant appointment.

2. Submission of Documents and Certificates

The person him/herself or an authorized person upon presentation of a notarized authorization and a valid official identity document may submit the documents.

Upon submission of the documents to be legalized, a non refundable verification fee in the local currency has to be paid in cash.

All documents to be verified must be submitted in the original and an easily readable photocopy.

Documents being presented afterwards cannot be considered and require a new verification process, which will be subsequently initiated with a second verification fees payable.

The verification process will take approximately 2-3 months after documents submission but can also take longer in individual cases.

Incorrect information and/or incomplete/illegible documents may have to be returned or may require more processing time.

Stepel by step  Process to Legalise and Verify Documents for University Admission in Austria.

1. Notification of a positive verification

The embassy will inform you by e-mail about the positive verification result, after which you will be given an appointment for the legalization of the verified documents and certificates.

The relevant documents will be presented in the original with a certified German or English translation.

All documents and certificates will be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country. A consular fee of EUR 80,00 (payable in local currency equivalent to the current exchange rate) will be paid for each document.

2. Negative Result

In case of a negative verification result, a fresh appointment to initiate another verification process for a reduced fee will be required.

The embassy will inform you again by e-mail about the result and how to proceed further.

3. Duration of the process to Legalise and Verify Documents for University Admission in Austria.

The legalization of documents in case of a positive verification result will take approx. one working day.

4. Collection of legalized documents

You’ll be able to collect the documents after legalization in person the same day.

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