Cost Of Moving To The UK With Student Visa From Nigeria

Cost Of Moving To The UK

Lot’s of people want to move to the UK but are confused about the cost implications : This article details the cost of Moving to the  UK with a student visa from Nigeria.

The following shows a rough estimate of the total amount required to migrate to the UK with student visa as:

  •  a single person
  •  a married
  • and whole family

Cost of Moving To The UK For One person

1. Proof Of Funds (POF): On average you need about 10Million Naira to prove that you are able to take take care of yourself when you get to the UK.

Make sure that this amount is in your account for at least 28 days before your visa application.

2. Expenses: For  ordinary expenses, you need about 5-7Million naira.

This amount will help to sustain you from the beginning till you are able to fully settle in the UK for 2-3 months.

For Others from Nigeria

For every other person that goes with you, add the following to the above:

A. Proof of Funds : You need to have at least 4Million Naira extra.

Remember, this amount must be in the account for at least 28 days.

B. Expenses: 1 million Naira.

As stated earlier, this amount will take you from start till you settle in the UK for 2-3months.

Total Addition amount in naira = 5 Million Naira.

For a couple

You need around 20M for a couple to successfully settle in Uk for the first 2-3 months from scratch at least.

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In summary, below is the cost of moving to the UK

  • For a family of 3: About 25 Million Naira
  • For a family of 4: About 30 Million Naira
  • For a family of 5: About 35 Million Naira

Note: The above estimations are based on many factors.

Yours may be slightly below or above this,

but have these estimations in mind.

Also, note that your expenses are the most crucial. So, make sire you get the money.

So, to start, you may need around 60-75% of the total amount stated to get to the UK

Also, note that you cannot work 20hrs/week as a student to pay your remaining tuition fee.

It can never be enough but it works for some people.

But we really discourage this at it could be a big risk.

So, in case you are looking for student loans you can check out our article on Top 10 Financial Institutions That Give Student Loan To International Students Including Nigerians To Study Abroad

If you follow this step religiously, congratulations in advance.

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