How To Successfully Apply For Canada Express Entry And Total Cost Of Application

Canada Express Entry

If you would like to migrate to Canada then this article is for you as Canada has formally resumed the Express Entry pathway of migration on July 6, 2022.

This migration process is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates to apply for permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

In this article you’ll find all the best information on how you can successfully apply for the Canada Express Entry.

Grab your popcorn and sit back relax as we break it down.

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What is Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is the application process that allows foreigners who intend to immigrate and settle permanently into Canada and take part in our economy.

The Express Entry is the most popular route to immigrate to Canada.

The Express Entry provides a pathway to permanent residency for skilled workers in and outside Canada.

How To Migrate to Canada through Express Entry

In a few steps, we have detailed how you can migrate to Canada in a very understandable manner.

Step 1. Evaluate Your Certificates

The educational system of your country like Nigeria for example is not the same with that of Canada so it requires certificate evaluation to prove that you are academically sound to live in Canada.

You can evaluate your certificate using agencies like WES, IQAS, ICAS etc.

Make sure you start on time Start on time because it can take a long time, especially now that Nigerian Universities are on strike

Step 2. Write IELTS/CELPIP General exam.

IELTS and CELPIP are English language proficiency tests which are used  to generally evaluates test taker’s English language proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

These test are officially approved for permanent residence applications by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and is also accepted for professional professional purposes.

Any of these exams can serve the purpose.

We advice you to use study materials to prepare yourself before writing any of these exams because they are not cheap.

Step 3. TEF or TCF exam (French version Exam).

To further boost your credit score, it is advisable to take TEF or TCF french language proficiency exams especially if you intend to immigrate to a French speaking part of Canada.

Step 4. Create your profile

Now that you have completed steps 1-3, use 1-3 to create your express entry profile and then enter the express entry pool. You will get a score that the Canadian Government works with.

Step 5. Check your eligibility.

Do not forget that the system will grade you based on your education, skills, experiences, language proficiencies among other things.

The grade is called your CRS score.

You can only be invited if you create an Express Entry profile and attain a high CRS score.

If you are 30 and above, express entry may not be favourable except you have more degrees and can do the french exam with high band scores.

In this case we advice you check provincial nomination options.

Step 6.

If you are 19-29 with proof of funds, you can immigrate successfully without provincial nomination.

Now the we have tackled the step by step process, before you apply, consider The Cost of Canada Express Entry Application Process.

Cost of Express Entry Application Process

1. Evaluation of credentials- 220-280 CAD, including shipping.

For WES evaluation, it is usually around around 250 CAD

Once your transcript gets to WES, it is evaluated for around 30 days.

2. Transcript processing from your school.

Depending on the school, it is advisable to budget about 70k Naira.

3. General IELTS, about 83k Naira. The minimum band score is 7.0/9. You must have a good score, else you have to rewrite.

Try to have atleast 8 in speaking and 7 in others.

4. Proof of fund- Very important. It has to be in your account before you write the IELTS exam.

Cost of Express Entry Application by Person

The Canada express entry allows you to immigrate with your spouse and dependents so you do not need to file different applications for you partner and your children.

The cost include:

One person – $13,310

Two persons-$16,570

Three person-$20,371

Four persons-$24,733

Five persons-$28,052

Six persons-$31,638

Seven persons-$35,224

Cost After Invitation (ITA)

After you are successful and you receive and invitation to apply (ITA), you have to take the following cost into consideration..

Application processing fee ($850) and right of permanent residence fee ($515)

Total= $1,365

We unable to categorically state the naira equivalent due to unstable exchange rate with the dollar so we advise to convert to naira at the time you would like to apply. Congratulations in advance.

If you are ready click here to start your application

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