5 Proven Ways To Securing Fully Funded Scholarships

Most of us really want to study abroad but our major problem is funding, in this article we have analysed 5 proven ways to securing fully funded scholarships.

If you have been looking for knowledge on how to get fully funded scholarships, devot some time to read and assimilate this information.

In this article you will learn the most efficient ways to secure fully funded scholarships with little or know stress.

Please it is advised that you pay keen attention to evey detail. Grab your usual popcorn and we dissect the process.

1. Cold Email

This method is for those who are looking for fully funded scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies such as MSc, MBA, MPhil or PhD.

In this method, you have to (a) go to the University pages of your country of choice (b) look for your course and decide the programme you want to pursue and (c) get the contact details (usually email) professors in your field.

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Over time this has proven to be the best and most efficient way of securing fully funded scholarships.

2. Government/School-Funded Scholarships

Use Google to look for Government/school-funded Scholarships in different countries of the world. Check their criteria and requirements and then apply.

If you go through our other articles, you will discover explanations on how to secure fully funded scholarships in most European and US countries. Search for fully funded governement and school scholarships.

One thing you have to know is that is that this method is more competitive because it is already publicized on websites, and academic fairs.

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3. Advertised Positions

From time to time, there are usually  advertised Positions by Lecturers or Departments.

Sometimes, lecturers advertise scholarship positions in their laboratories.

We usually post these positions from time.The application process is usually simple, all you have to do is send an email to the lecturer for further guidance.

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Endeavour to attach whatever documents they require. Also, this scholarship is competitive because it’s already public.

4. US School Scholarships

There are many schools in the USA where you do not need to send emails to professors.These scholarships are specifically mentioned on their website that all admitted students will receive funding.

In this case, all you need to do is to make sure your application is competitive enough.

Check their Admission requirements and apply.

5. Writing Proposals to Programme Coordinators.

This is another effective method.

If you have a good proposal, email the coordinators of various Graduate, send them your proposal, and tell them to connect you with a Professor in that  specific field.

This has worked for many people, especially in Australia.

In summary, use all the 5 methods above and see which one works for you, but use method 1 more as it is the most effective.

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B. For undergraduate scholarship:

Write and exams and secure high scores in SAT exams and also TOEFL/IELTS.

This is because it gives you an edge.

2. Many schools/countries offer different scholarship packages. It will be highlighted on this site very soon.

If you follow our site religiously, you will be getting updates on scholarships without paying any agent.

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