Easy Steps To Becoming A Web Developer (Full Stack)

Before we start, there are many different paths to becoming a web developer. In this article, we will be focusing on the skills needed to become a full-stack MERN developer.

Let’s get started to unravelling the magic

The first thing to do is to

1. Learn HTML & CSS

HTML & CSS are at the core of web development. HTML is concerned with website’s structure, while CSS is the style of the website.

We recommend freeCodeCamp as the best place to learn HTML and CSS because they have free and high-quality contents.


2. Learn Basic JavaScript

JavaScript is like the brain of your website. With JavaScript everything is  virtually possible.

JavaScript allows developer to access frontend, backend framework of web development as well allows web developers to build games, Web3 applications and more.

We recommend that you profit from Brad Traversy’s amazing crash course that could get one started with the basics of JS.

Once you have mastered HTML, CSS and JavaScript there’s something else that is also important:

3. Learn a CSS framework (Tailwind or Bootstrap)

Arguably, web development could be time consuming and painful but learning a CSS framework can help you save a ton of time and pain. However, this is not entirely necessary to learn CSS framework before you can become a web developer.

But if you are a beginner, it is strongly recommended going with Bootstrap, and then, optionally, moving to Tailwind.

Having successful learnt a CSS framework combined with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the next to do is:

4. Learn a frontend framework (React, Vue.js or Angular)

Building large applications do not appear easy but frontend frameworks will take a ton of weight off your shoulders when you start building larger apps.

We strongly recommend starting with React or Vue.js.

Also, Scrimba has a free, interactive course to learn React.

If you have taken the steps above, the congratulations!!!

You can now already consider yourself a “frontend developer”

To test your knowledge at this stage, you should build a few front-end projects. Try replicating a SaaS landing page, a product page, or a login page or anything that can be virtually represented.

Please remember, the most important thing is not learning but PRACTICE!

If you been able to achieve this milestone, take a few more advanced steps to perfect your full stack web development skills.

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