Advanced Steps To Becoming A Full Stack Web Developer

With the best guide and practice, becoming a full stack web developer is not as difficult as it seems.

Before we continue on this article on on advanced steps to becoming a full stack web developer, we encourage you to consult our article on easy steps to becoming a full stack web developer.

Having learnt the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, here are few more advanced steps to perfect your web development skills.

1. Learn more JavaScript

At this point, you should ideally start learning advanced JavaScript concepts like Asynchronous JS, Prototypes, etc.

Also, it is highly recommended that as web developer you invest in a good JavaScript course. You can find a good course on Udemy like Jonas’ Udemy course.You can find a good course on Udemy like Jonas’ Udemy course.


2. Learn Node.js and Express

At this point, we are entering the world of backend. Basically, Node.js is a runtime and Express js is a framework used to build backend.

Learning them both will take a while but we recommend that you do not skip any concepts, do not rush, go at your own speed and pace because taking your time will pay off in the very end.


3. Learn REST API

REST API is not a new programming language or framework, it is a certain set of rules that developers follow when developing APIs which means Application Programming Interface. 

While you are learning REST API also consider learning the FETCH API because it will help you make API calls and ensure that you seamlessly connect your frontend to your backend.

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4. Learn MongoDB and Mongoose

In the MERN stack, the basic database in in use is the MongoDB database.

Learn MongoDB’s important commands and queries, and then learn Mongoose to integrate MongoDB into your Express app easily.

Brad  Traversy’s crash course on Udemy isa perfect way get started.

And voila, you are now a MERN stack developer.

Understandably, That was a hell of a ride but Congratulations are in order.

Remember,  there is a tiny problem: to be considered a full-stack developer it means that you have to be able to develop full-stack applications.

Theoretical learning of these concepts is good but the most important thing is practice thus, you have to regularly practice and build a few side-projects.

Having put all these into practice, the next thing that can help you further improve your expertise, skill and practice as a full stack developer is to

5. Learn GIT (and GitHub)

Github is a version control system and it allows you to track all changes to your files over a a period of time.

Git is extremely crucial and you are going to use it at some point in your career.

So, it is highly recommended that you learn it as soon as you can.

6. Learn a CSS preprocessor

CSS on its own not powerful enough. A CSS preprocessor like Sass or LESS can make CSS powerful like a real programming language.

CSS preprocessors are not as crucial as Git, but it is a good-to-have. Don’t stress over it, learn it as you go.

7. Learn a Cloud Platform

Lastly, learning about a cloud platform, like AWS and Google Cloud, will make you a “true” full-stack web developer.

And that is really all that concerns it. If you can learn and practice these, you should already be capable of developing full-stack applications.

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What’s next on becoming a full stack Web Developer?

Learning never stops, especially in the world of tech. New technologies emerge on a daily basis and your ability to adapt as the market changes makes you stand out as a web developer.

Please endeavor to apply for a job, become a freelancer, or build your own products before you can land bigger jobs.

Before ending, it is important that we reiterate on what is most important


If you only watch tutorials or read guides, you’ll learn nothing. Practicing is the only real way to learn.

This article highly recommends building small side-projects every now and then for this very reason.

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