“You Would be Sending Me Money Every Week, Like 30k” Reactions As Man Shares Condition He Got From a Lady He Wants To Date

A Nigerian man has shared a condition he got from a beautiful lady who he wanted to become his girlfriend after he indicated interest in her.

Earlier, the lady revealed to the guy that she was yet to accept him as her lover due to some conditions he must meet.

Out of curiosity, the man whose name appeared as Emerald hastily asked what the conditions could be:

What are the conditions? whala 😂😂

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To his greatest surprise and shockingly to the guy, the lady dolled out 7 ridiculous conditions he must meet to prove that he is man enough to be in a relationship with her.

Firstly, the lady said that the guy must be giving her 5k weekly allowance starting from next tomorrow

Secondly, the guy must buy data subscription for her to stay on the internet and watch YouTube and Instagram anytime she exhausts her subscription.

Thirdly, he must delete all his phone contacts that are girls.

The fourth condition states that the guy must not in any condition involve a third party in their relationship as the relationship must be between just both of them.

Most importantly, the said guy must fund her business to enable her become a real big girl as well as it appears the lady has two businesses ( dating a guy and side hustle).

Also, the lady cautioned the guy stating that they were not going to have s3x for the moment as he would like to use this period and test his seriousness.

And finally, the guy should expect more  conditions as dating her meant entering a point of no return.

Here are the 7 conditions in her own words:

  • Weekly allowance every Friday starting from next tomorrow
  • Sub for me after my sub finishes
  • Delete all the contacts on your phone ( girls)
  • No third party
  • The most important one ‘fund my business’
  • No s3x for now ( I want to see if you are serious )
  • And lots more

In reaction to this this, the guy found it hilarious and only dropped these emojis


Whala o.

For him Nigerian girls really need to be educated because, to him it was not right for a lady to make such demands from a man he’s even yet to be married to.

Here’s their full conversation

Similarly another guy posted a conversation that is way more outrageous than the one we just saw.

According to the girl:

The guy would need to call her 3 to 5 times daily to check on hee like bet9ja slip

The guy must send her about 30,000 naira weekly to be sure their future is secure.

The girl is also a fashion icon and the guy must buy every screenshot of latest fashion trend she sends to him.

Being a fine girl is not easy especially in Lagos so the lady said she must make her hair every week to appear pretty for hi

Also, Saturdays would be for facials loke manicures and pedicures and the guy must be ready to foot the bills.

Most importantly, the guy must never cheat on her as that would be the end of the relationship

They guy must also buy her food twice daily

As a baby girl for life, the should also randomly send her flowers with nice fragrance

Finally, despite the weekly fixed allowance, the guy must also credit her account regularly and randomly and also apologize to her through credit alerts as money is the only way to her heart.

The conversation

These conversations have stirred Social media reactions.

Top reactions on TwitterTwitter

Tonia said:

What if she didn’t exactly like you, she didn’t want to be rude about it and decided to go through this route… Yes it brought her to a bad limelight but you’d eventually stop texting cause of her ridiculous demands


My dad been sending me weekly allowance since I started uni, so I fit give this condition.

Agatha :

Omoo this one off

That’s y I’m commending all the ladies to connect with me ,there is this new way I could teach u on how to easy get paid in dollars instead of looking for man to give conditions

Get value

Improve yourself

And earn your own money

Connect with me on my bio🚀🚀

Just Malik said:

Dem drop your relationship Course Outline, you dey laugh😭😭


Person wey you suppose post her number for jiji, under iPhone X for 55,000 and leave the rest for God

The hairy mistress:

hey GOD why didn’t you give me a good man before this time cos relationship is messed up right now… Nobody is serious 😒

In conclusion, these conversations reveal the Nigerian society which makes it clear that a man with no man has no business seeking love, affection or relationship.

What do you think?

Drop your thoughts in the comments section.


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