Video: Bros No Vex o! Nah Mad Man You Nominate – Portable Replies Headies

In a recent video made by singer portable, he apologized to headies organisers saying “bros no vex o! Nah mad man you nominate’

This is a reaction to the statement released by Headies organisers threatening to disqualify the zah zooh crooner from the award if he does not take down his initial statement.

He further said:

Una don nominate mad man musician

If I fvck up, no be me first dey fvck up, plenty people don fvck up.

Watch video here

His apology is very hilarious as it appeared like he sprinkled a little threat inside the apology. This apology has since then aroused social media reactions.

Twitter users comments: 

1. Make una give us our award o 😂😂😂

Begging and threatening them at the same time

Werey musician

2. This portable na mumu guy😹😹😹

3. igbeaux and vibes 😂😂😂

4. Where’s the apology? 🤷

5. Na Portable and Oba Solomon suppose dey live together 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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